Your home is your castle, and your business is your life’s work. It makes sense to protect your family, your valuables and your precious files and documents. A giant step towards securing your home or business from the multiple threats of burglary, fire, home intrusion or holdup is the installation of an electronic security system.

Security System Overview

How does a security system work? What can it do for you? The main functions of a security system are detection, deterrence, Central station reporting and Police or Fire Department notification and dispatch. The process works as follows:

1. Alarm sensors detect entry into your home or business.
2. A local siren activates to deter intruders or warn occupants of hazardous conditions such as smoke or fire.
3. The alarm system communicator simultaneously reports the emergency signals to our U.L. approved Central Monitoring Station via your telephone land line or your backup cellular radio.
4. Operators at the Central Station notify the Police or Fire Department who are then dispatched to secure the scene and provide assistance. There is a monthly fee for this service, similar to your basic telephone service charge.

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