Telephone Line Security

When your telephone line is disrupted or compromised at your home or business, a vital link in your security is disabled. If an alarm occurs during this time, the Central Station would not receive your alarm signals, and there would be no Police or Emergency response. An outage could be caused by a telephone company problem, a storm, an accident or an intentional cut by a determined intruder.

The Next Level of Security: Cellular Monitoring
Cellular systems provide communication to the Central Station regardless of the integrity of you telephone system. Cellular backup transmitters send signals via the airways using the nationwide digital cellular network.

With today’s changing technology such as VoIP and other wireless services, a traditional telephone line may not be available for security system communications. In this case the cellular system would be the primary alarm communicator.

Full Data

Full data cellular communicators transmit every data signal generated by the alarm system such as individual zones (doors, windows and detectors), opening/closing reports, hold-up and panic signals, trouble signals, abort and restore signals, etc.

A cellular transmitter for Central Station monitoring is the next step in increasing the integrity of your alarm system.


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