Home and business security is built upon multiple layers of coverage or protection for best results
For example, you may need a hand-held remote panic button for a personal emergency at home or a silent hold-up button for your business.

Smoke is the primary killer in fires. One or two smoke detectors outside your bedrooms may save lives.

Ventilation may also be factor. Security screens protect window openings, thus enabling you to open your windows without tripping your own alarm. For sliding windows there is a less expensive alternative that enables you to arm your system with the window open about 5-6 inches.

Business owners may need opening/closing reports to monitor who and when an employee armed and disarmed the security system. Larger buildings may require fire-sprinkler monitoring systems.
Help! As you can see, there are many considerations in designing the right system for you, but there is no need to feel intimidated. Tri-tek security professionals are here to help you. Security is our business.

We show you the options and help you choose the system best suited to your particular security needs and budget.

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