An indispensable service associated with your alarm system is 24-hour Central Station monitoring. If a burglar forces open one of your windows or doors, a siren at the location will act as a deterrent, but without monitoring, there would be no Police response or assistance. If you are away, you will have no idea that a break-in had taken place. When you subscribe to monitoring service, the alarm system communicator is programmed to automatically connect with our UL Approved Central Monitoring Station via your telephone line or backup cellular transmitter.


The Central Station operator then calls your home or business to verify the nature of the emergency, (You will need to identify yourself with a special account number or code word). If no one answers, if the line is busy or if someone answers without a code word, the Police will be notified that a rear window (for example) has been violated. When the Police arrive at the scene, they will check out your location for signs of forced entry and for any perpetrators that may still be lurking about.

If you are home during the break-in attempt, you will be glad you invested in a full perimeter system. If you are away, the Central Station operator will contact you or another authorized person and relay the events that have transpired. You can be notified with a phone call, text and/or email. In either case you will realize the wisdom of your investment in a security system with 24-hour monitoring, and you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

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