You control your alarm system through a digital keypad that mounts on your wall. Keypads allow you to arm and disarm your system, bypass individual windows or doors, activate panic alarms, change codes and reset smoke detectors by simply pressing the buttons on the digital touch pad. Indicator lights or English text displays on the keypad verify operations and indicate system status.


Types of Keypads

LED keypads have indicator lights (Light Emitting Diodes) that represent doors, windows, rooms, motion detectors, etc. For example: if light number one is on, and the number one light represents your back door, then that door is open.

Keypads with English Text displays would display the words "faulted Back Door" (if the back door is open) on a liquid crystal display screen (LCD display). Larger commercial systems may use a brighter vacuum tube display. Text keypads will display service messages if there is a problem, and they indicate and verify the commands you enter. They also prompt you to the next step you need to take to complete a command. A command might be to arm/disarm your system, change your access code or reset a smoke detector.

LED keypads are less expensive than English Text keypads and they work just fine, but they are not as user friendly.

Keypads come in white and off-white.

In most cases actual use of your alarm system is simply a matter of turning it on and off.

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