Security System Basics

Full Perimeter System
The best system is one that protects every window and door through which a burglar could enter. This is accomplished by installing small, concealed magnetic contact switches that are connected to a control panel (the electronic brain of the system).

Wiring every window and door is referred to as a hardwired full perimeter system. It is the most difficult to install, but it is the most reliable system available. Any attempt by an intruder to open a window or door while the system is armed will result in an audible alarm.

Detecting an intruder while he is still outside your home or business is the main advantage of a full perimeter system--it ensures greater personal safety while you are present and minimizes the possibility of vandalism or theft.

Interior Protection
As a backup for the perimeter portion of the system, interior sensors such as motion detectors should also be installed. If an intruder breaks the glass in your window or breaks through a wall or ceiling and gains entry without actually opening a door or window, he will be detected as he moves around within the interior of your home or office. Additional interior detection devices may include glass-break detectors, shock sensors or photo-electric beams. Interior doors, closet doors or gun cabinet doors can also be added to your alarm system.

Partial Perimeter System
This type of system would usually include only the front and back door, plus one or two motion detectors inside your home. The main drawback with this type of system is that your protection at night while you are home is extremely limited; and, most likely, an intruder will have to be inside your home before he is detected by the alarm system. If your budget is limited, this type of system can still be effective. It is the system usually advertised by low cost, volume-oriented security companies.

Remember, you get what you pay for, and if you shop for price only, you may shortchange your own security!


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